About the UMAT

"UMAT is designed to assess general attributes and abilities gained through prior experience and learning; specifically, the acquisition of skills in critical thinking and problem solving, understanding people and abstract non-verbal reasoning. These abilities are considered important to the study, and later practice, of professions in the health sciences.

UMAT is an aptitude test; it is not a personality or IQ test. The test is not curriculum-based and presupposes no particular subjects at secondary level. UMAT does not require any knowledge or skills in mathematics or sciences, or in any other area of the curriculum. It is designed to complement your academic results, not to replicate them."

The UMAT's structure

In 2013 the UMATs 3 sections: Logical Reasoning & Problem Solving (48 Questions in 70 minutes), Understanding People (44 Questions in 55 minutes) and Non-verbal reasoning (42 Questions in 55 minutes) were fused together into a 3 hour long test consisting of 134 questions, with a 10 minute reading period to begin with.

UMAT non-verbal reasoning

"Questions in this section may be of several kinds. All are based on patterns or sequences of shapes and are designed to assess your ability to reason in the abstract and solve problems in non-verbal contexts." The three kinds are: 'continue the series', 'complete the diagram' and 'fits the middle'

What University Courses require UMAT?

Together with your high school scores and interview performance there are many Universities around Australia, New Zealand and Samoa that require UMAT for entry into their various medical degrees:

UMAT info booklet

Make sure you read the UMAT info booklet.

Register for UMAT

Don't forget to Register to sit UMAT by the 7th of June 2013!

UMAT Results

UMAT results are released around the 21st of September each year; if you're still waiting for yours, check your emails or visit the ACER UMAT results page.

Visit the UMAT ACER site

More information available on the ACER UMAT site.

Try some questions:

See what you're like at UMAT non-verbal reasoning questions by having a go at the 30 question UMAT quiz.

UMAT tutorials:

If you need some UMAT tutorials read through the info on the tutorials page. The tutorials are one on one, and cover what you need to know, worked out by an initial conversation or as we go along.

UMAT text books:

Make sure you check out the two UMAT text books umat456 and umat123 if you need help with UMAT non verbal reasoning questions.

Specialising in non-verbal reasoning test questions helps UMAT and HPAT students to pass their medical entrance test and job and promotion seekers to pass their psychometric or Raven's Matrices tests to gain the employment they're after. With free on-line questions, text books, and tutorials we'll get you there. Shane has over 6 years UMAT HPAT and Psychometric tutorial experience including working for and managing the National Institute of Education, Lecturing around Australia and New Zealand on the UMAT, writing two nonverbal reasoning text books, and knows how to listen to anyone needing help and give them the skills they need to pass their tests.

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