Psychometric tests

About psychometric tests

Many employers use psychometric tests in their recruitment drives, in the early or latter stages of the process taking the form of personality style test, looking at values and interests or cognitive, studying ability / aptitude or a combination of the two depending on the company's needs in determining a candidates suitability. Another type of Psychometric test, called 'Raven's Matrices' is generally used for upper management / CEO type positions.

Psychometric test structure

These tests mostly seem to consist of a mix of verbal reasoning (often mixed with and sometimes instead being logical reasoning ), numerical reasoning, mechanical reasoning and non-verbal reasoning in the form of abstract, spatial, diagrammatic, odd-one-out, and operator questions, this mix varies from company to company.

Psychometric test non-verbal reasoning

abstract, spatial, diagrammatic, odd-one-out, operators, code breakers... These questions are non-verbal, visual questions, occasionally using numbers, generally evolving patterns with images. Study a shown sequence to determine whats being asked. If you know you have to pick the next in the series, the previous diagrams will show you how. For example if the number of squares in the sequence so far is going: 1,3,2,4... you would expect the answer to have 3 squares, this being a staggered sequence- up 2, down 1.

What kind of places use psychometric tests?

Companies like Qantas, Metro Trains, Some Fire Brigades and various banks use these tests. Check the entrance requirements, and see if they have a practice test you can look at. Most companies do.

Try some psychomatric questions:

See what you're like at the various non-verbal reasoning psychometric questions.

Psychometric test tutorials:

If you need some tutorials read through the info on the tutorials page. The tutorials are one on one, and cover what you need to know, worked out by an initial conversation or as we go along.

Non verbal reasoning psychometric question books:

Make sure you check out the two non verbal reasoning text books umat456 and umat123 if you need help with non verbal reasoning questions. umat123 is more diverse with question types: abstract, code-breakers, complete the daigram, continue the series, diagrammatic, fits the middle, odd-one-out, operators, spatial, so better suited to job seekers than, umat456 which is more umat-specific.

Ravens Matrices

Raven's Matrices

Ravens Matrice's usually take the form of a 30 - 90 question timed test consisting of grid 'complete-the-diagram' type questions. Sometimes beginning simply in a 2x2 or 3x2 grid mostly in a 3x3 grid, candidates must pick from usually 6 or 8 options the missing piece based on analysis of the given rows and columns. Whats-missing, Symmetry, and Summing type are very common. Ravens Matrices are generally used for upper management / CEO type positions. You can try some Raven's Matrices questions on the questions page.

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