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umat123 visually explained text book

The visually explained umat non-verbal reasoning text book utilising colour and code hints, showing trial and error, teaching banking of time is the perfect go-deep explanation of question types complete the diagram, continue the series and every students favourite (not) pick the middle. This book has all questions explained visually on the same page or spread so you dont have to turn to the back of the chapter/book after each question.

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umat non verbal reasoning essentials 1

First in the series of lite-weight student school bag friendly text books this text contains a method section, worked examples and over 80 questions with answers and process of elimination style explanations. A perfect companion to the umat123 text book.

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umat456 11 tests 456+ questions

Plenty of study in this umat tutor non verbal reasoning test-based text. 11 tests - 42 questions in each test, answers and explanations for every question, a worked examples section covering the question types complete the diagram, continue the series and middle of the sequence, and a method section explaining the types of methods used in the UMAT with 'code-hint' symbols which are used in the first two tests to mnemonically help you learn faster.

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If youre after UMAT/HPAT practice questions check the free 42Q test. If youre in need of Ravens Matrices, Psychometric, Numeric questions please check back soon or contact me. Just mid site-revamp atm.


Specialising in non-verbal reasoning test questions nonverbalreasoning.net helps mainly UMAT and HPAT students to pass their medical entrance test, also job and promotion seekers to pass their psychometric or Raven's Matrices tests to gain the employment they're after. Shane has over 10 years UMAT HPAT and Psychometric tutorial experience including working for and managing the National Institute of Education, Lecturing around Australia and New Zealand on the UMAT, published three nonverbal reasoning text books, and knows how to listen to anyone needing help and skill them up to help pass their tests.


Maybe you're an anxious student, an empathetic parent, a watchful counselor, a doubtful jobseeker; get in touch and ask as many questions as you need or want to, i love helping people achieve their dreams. Feel free to come around and visit if you're in Melbourne, take a look at the books, ask about your test, get some re-assurance.